United States of America - How to apply Tourist Visa

Wondering about the nail biting experience that will put you through in getting Tourist Visa for United States of America?  Fraid not as this quick and easy guide will help you through the application process.

With the recent news announcing that Malaysia is under consideration of having U.S. visa waiver program for visiting purpose in near future, below steps apply while that is being determined.

As a Malaysian citizen, this is a quick step by step guide on how to apply. Buckle up, take a deep breath and follow through.

U.S. Tourist Visa Application Process for Malaysian:
1. To apply for a Tourist Visa, create an account at http://www.ustraveldocs.com
  •  Fill in ALL personal details as required online.
  •  Have it handy on the person's information that you plan to visit in United States of America. ie : Address.

  2. Pay a non-refundable Visa Fee of USD $ 160 per applicant (RM 528 at point of my application in April 2014)
  • Payment can be made by walk-in to any Standard Charted bank nation-wide.
  • Be sure to print out the U.S. Visa application deposit slip from
  • Payment can not be made without the deposit slip.
  • Keep your receipt as you need it to make appointment with the U.S. Embassy.
  • More information on how to make payment here : bit.ly/W0nqax 

3. Complete the application form online: DS-160
  •  Visa type : Nonimmigrant Visa > Click Continue
  •  Visa Category > Business/Tourism
  •   Fill in Passport Details > Contact Information > Mailing Address > Click Continue >  
  •   Please click “Add by Name” or "Add Existing Applicant" if you have a group/family member (including a child) who needs to apply for a visa with you > Fill up details of family / group member > Click Continue 
  • Follow through all required steps and fill up all information required.     
  • Form DS-160 is available here : bit.ly/1aNfZYx

 4. You need to attend an interview at the US Embassy. Hence you need to book an   
    appointment by signing in to http://bit.ly/1oZ1iZX  and follow the below through the steps required.
  • Booking date & time is subject to availability.   
  • An automated appointment confirmation email will be sent to the email address that you have specified during application. 
  • You are required to print and present the appointment confirmation at the Embassy for the interview process.   

Before attending the scheduled interview, do remember to bring the required documents:
  1.  Interview Appointment Confirmation Letter
  2.  DS-160 Confirmation Page
  3.  Fee Receipt from Standard Chartered Bank
  4.  Passport (bring all available passports, particularly those with previous U.S. visas)
  5.  One Recent Photo (white background only)

5. During interview :
  • Answer all questions during the interview, stay calm and smile.
  • Approval of Tourist Visa will be approved / rejected at the end of interview session.
  • Duration of Tourist Visa granted is subjected to the U.S. Embassy.

Once approved, you can then proceed to book your flight ticket to U.S.A

Good Luck and go get it !!

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