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A day trip to Macau was all I had to spend my Saturday in Hong Kong. Making my way from Kowloon, Hong Kong to Macau via Cotai Water Jet ferry cost me HKD $390 for a round trip with no time limitation. The journey takes around one hour or so. Being in a closed environment with no fresh air, I was bound to be seasick, especially with the air conditioning system. It was definitely not a good idea to be out on the deck during this winter season. I slept my way through the journey crossing the ocean heading towards Macau.

Upon arriving at the Macau ferry terminal, we docked off at Outer Harbour Ferry terminal. Immigration check took us less than 10 minutes and off we go to explore the city of Macau. I went ahead to the information counter and grab myself a map. Being a typical tourist trying to save money, I hopped onto one of the many buses that were heading to the city. It was actually one of the Hotel's shuttle buses that goes into the city. I landed myself in the Diamond Lobby. Be…

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