Lantau Peak Hike - Hong Kong

Lantau Island, the best part of my trip to Hong Kong that I can always brag about. Full of greenery and nature. Hills with slopes and amazing view, though it was cloudy with no view when I was there. Only can rely on the internet world to imagine myself on how it looks like on a clear sunny day.

Going to Lantau Island is easy as taking the MTR train. It took me about 40 minutes ride including interchange from Prince Edward MTR station to Tung Chung MTR Station to arrive the amazingly beautiful Lantau Island with just HKD $19.50 ( single trip ticket ).

Upon exiting the train station, I head towards the bus terminal situated just past the shopping mall, directly next to the Cable Car terminal. Walked my way to hopefully be in time to board bus 23 to see big Buddha at Po Lin Monastery. It cost me HKD $19.50. It was Sunday morning. If you're there during weekdays, you will pay slightly cheaper as compared to weekends and public holidays for the bus fares.

The journey up towards took me less than an hour. To start your hike to Lantau Peak, you need to make your way past the Wisdom Path. You will see a brown arch with signs. That is when you know you will be going on a good hike.

It started with a little bit of flat paved road, leading to flat land and then rocky hike with steps every single way until you reach the peak. This is not for the beginners if you are expecting a leisure hike. Definitely worth going if you have the day and would like to give it a try.

View was amazing from what I can see in the internet, however all I could see when I was doing the hike was cloud and no view at all. I have no idea where is what and how it looked like from the top when I was there. What a pity, but it was a definitely good hike. Met quite a number of hikers as well.

Visibility not so good as it was cloudy and misty.

Covered with clouds and strong wind with midst, it reminded me of the hike I did at Mount Kinabalu years ago. At some point, I no longer know the difference if I was sweating or the drops from the passing cloud that was keeping me soaked. Also be sure to plan in advance and check the weather beforehand.

Almost at the peak, and yet the only view was like this.

Besides that, planning ahead does have an advantage in making sure you know where you plans are and dress appropriately. I was initially intending to visit the sites being a normal tourist and stuff. Then out of no where, an impromptu hike was added. I was halfway hiking with my jeans and walking shoes, when I thought about giving up and turn back down. But what the heck, just continue and keep moving my legs to hike up.

 Rocky steps upward. Sexy legs in the making.

The sign at the entrance said it will take around 2 1/4 hours for Lantau Peak hike. I started my hike around 11.15 am, reached the peak around 12 noon or so, and end the hike at the entrance around 12.50 afternoon. So the signs that indicating the time of hike is actually a round-trip hike and not a one-way hike time. Glad to know this, because I will not have enough time to explore Po Lin Monastery and Tai O village if I am taking too much time for this hike during this winter season.

You are just 10 minutes away to the peak from this sign post.

People are friendly during the hike, I believe if you are an avid hiker, the general rule of thumb applies almost everywhere. Hikers greeting you and telling you that you are 'almost there' if you ask 'how far it is'. It will always be another 'five minutes'.

You will see many trails are available and treks to hike. So pick and choose according to your style. Unfortunately, I only have a day trip to spend at Lantau Island. Otherwise, I would be dying to get going on it already!

Made it to the peak with Jeans and walking shoes. 

Share your experience with others by commenting. Hikers unite! Hooyah !


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