Expectant Mother on Air Asia flights

For all expectant mothers who will be or are travelling on Air Asia flights, this is something to share with you.

Some may not know that expectant mothers are categorized under "Special guests" according to Air Asia website :

Source : http://www.airasia.com/ot/en/at-the-airport/special-guests.page

Depending on how far along you are into your pregnancy, the above applies accordingly. Another important point is that no online check-in is necessary as you would have to be present at the check-in counter at the airport to physically fill up a "Releases and Indemnity ( Expectant Mother ) Form" upon check in before you are allowed to board the plane. Be sure to mention to the staff that you are expecting / pregnant. Failing to do so might cause unnecessary hassle.

"Releases and Indemnity ( Expectant Mother ) Form" comes in English language as I was departing from KLIA 2, Kuala Lumpur bound for  Lombok - Indonesia last month, June 2015. It took the ground staff quite a bit of a time walking to other counters looking for this form as it was not conveniently available at the time of check-in. I am not sure if they have it in Malay or other languages.

Filled up this form at KLIA 2 bound for Lombok - Indonesia via Air Asia flight.

Upon completing the form, there will be 3 copies ( White, Pink and Yellow colors ) where one would be for the expectant mother to keep, one for the cabin crew, and the third one for ground staff at the check-in counter to keep. You are expected to hand over the cabin crew's copy to them upon boarding the plane if being instructed to do so. Again, please bear in mind that different airports / airlines would have different instructions. As for me, I was required to hand over the cabin crew's copy myself upon boarding the plane from KLIA 2 to Lombok. For my return trip from Lombok to KLIA 2, the ground staff at Lombok Airport helped me to hand the form over to the cabin crew.

Some airlines would ask for your seat number. Some will not. As the form says, it is to protect each party if ever any unforeseen circumstances happen. Somehow, Air Asia "Releases and Indemnity ( Expectant Mother ) Form" looks more professionally done than Malindo Air and Firefly . Yes, I do fly even when I am expecting, nothing can stop me from travelling. :)

I did have a letter from my doctor saying that I am fit to fly with low-risk condition. However, it is not required nor will you be asked to present this letter if you are less than 27 weeks pregnant at the point of flying.

Perhaps Air Asia at KLIA 2 could put up a notice at the check-in counters to remind passengers to declare. Just like how the check-in counters at Lombok Airport display it wonderfully.

From Lombok to KLIA 2.

The check-in counter at Lombok Airport displaying this security notice to passengers as a reminder. 

Have a safe flight and enjoy your holiday !

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