Sasak Garden, Senggigi - Lombok, Indonesia

We stayed in Sasak Garden at Senggigi while in Lombok, Indonesia. Bookings were done through few days prior to our arrival. Communications with Sasak Garden was efficient and fast on our confirmation of bookings. We were happy that no advance booking payment required since it was our first time going through

Entrance to Sasak Garden from main street

A local Lombok staff was out greeting us before we exit from the car, a complimentary service from Mr. Ramdani himself. If you have read my previous post, we took a free shuttle service from Lombok Airport to Sasak Garden. As we bid goodbye to Mr. Ramdani, we were being ushered to the reception for check-in before enjoying the rest of our day exploring.

Reception / dining area. The stairs leading up to art gallery.

Sasak Garden feels like a home away from home. With abundant of greeneries and trees surrounding the compound on top of the amazing landscape leading us to our room, overlooking a small tree house by the garden. There is even a goldfish pond with an arch gateway by the entrance leading to the rooms. I immediately felt Zen by the peace and quiet surroundings away from the sound of the busy streets.

Rooms overlooking the garden / terrace.

The room was excellent with super single size bed for a person who loves to roll around like me. Due to overbooking, we were being placed in a super single room instead of a double room. The correspondent did try his/her best in making sure we get what we wanted.  We liked this place so much that we stayed here again during our last day of  the holiday for the second time before we depart to Kuala Lumpur. This time, we got ourselves a double room. Somehow I miss the super single bed all to myself.

Twin room with super single beds

Hang our / breakfast in room area.

Double room

I liked how the rooms were being designed. A concept close to nature from every edge. Beds were made of bamboos. Doors are full of carvings, shower room with a touch of nature especially the huge carved mirror and washing basin which is made out of a big rock. All I want to do is to bring all these back to Kuala Lumpur with me. Toiletries such as shampoo, soap, towel, and toilet paper were being provided throughout your stay at Sasak Garden.

Toilet / Shower room with toiletries.

Wooden carved door.

Some carvings as decorative item

Air conditioning is not necessary since the weather in Lombok during our visit was cool. A standing fan was good enough to make us covered with blanket throughout the night. Dreaming away in slumber land will soon make you realized that it is daylight with the sound of the chickens and chicks waking you up as they go around the front yard. Daylight is surprisingly early in Lombok, around 6am compared to Kuala Lumpur. We had few occurrence thinking that we overslept, only to realized we were awake early and decided to go back to bed.
WIFI is at the strongest around the reception and dining area of Sasak Garden. You will not be able to get any signal from your room. Perhaps the management could look into this as a convenience purpose. Though I understand some might not find it necessary since it is a holiday after all.

Breakfast is being served at the dining area or you may opt to choose to have it delivered to your room at no extra cost. You have the option to choose either pancake or toast ( jam and butter inclusive ) with eggs set that comes together with a choice of coffee or tea. All breakfast comes with a fruit platter ( Papaya and Pineapple ). After trying both sets, I would choose to go for toast since it is more filling so I didn't have to go for another round of breakfast. Otherwise, a pancake is not bad either. Breakfast is usually served at 8am.

Breakfast at Sasak Garden

Breakfast at Sasak Garden

Art Gallery above reception / dining area

If you are keen to explore on some art piece, do help yourself to the art gallery located one floor above the reception/dining area of Sasak Garden.

Our stay at Sasak Garden was worth the trip in making our holiday a better one. Can't help but to be lazy and not doing anything else while staying here. Total relaxation.

**All room comes in twin /  double occupancy. There are no dorm / family rooms available. However, extra beds can be arranged with Sasak Garden prior to arrival. We paid  Rp 400,000 for one night stay while there in June 2015.

Contact :

Sasak Garden 
Facebook : Sasak Garden
Jl. Raya Senggigi; Duduk- Batu Bolong
Senggigi, 83355, Indonesia

Address: Jln. Gajah Mada BTN Griya Permata, Blok H No.2 Sekarbela, Mataram, Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia.
Call +62878805714 or +6287739518019.

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