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Heading or planning a trip down to Lombok, Indonesia anytime soon? Sit back and relax as you would find yourself not only saving tonnes of money travelling around Lombok for FREE, but also gaining a new friend - Ramdani, who is also the owner of the Arfatourindo Tour Travel Guide company. Ramdani has been running his own tour company and we decided to jump on the gun to experience this opportunity.

After doing much reading from +TripAdvisor  , I came across his website which states that "Lombokarfatourindo, Lombok tour travel guide provides shuttle, airport transfer pick up, tour transport and free transport for only Fridays. Book via Call +62878805714 or +6287739518019. We will approach your places in Lombok." Since my arrival will be on Friday, it only makes sense to drop him an email for advance booking ( less than a week prior to my arrival in Lombok ). I dropped him an email immediately without much thinking. Ramdani replied quick enough within 10 minutes. Impressive ! 

After exchanging emails, we decided to meet at CFC, close to roti O at the exit gate of Bandar Udara Internasional Lombok (Lombok International Airport). He was easy to spot as he was holding up our names ( me & my fiance). We felt welcomed immediately without much awkwardness. Ramdani then escorted us out of the airport into his vehicle before we headed off. He even provided mineral water and a cup of instant noodle for us, in case we've gone thirsty or hungry from the flight. Impressed, again!

Mr Ramdani himself being behind the wheels.

We decided to use his airport transfer service from Lombok airport to our hotel ( Sasak Garden ) in Senggigi. Many interesting conversations were being exchanged during the 1 hour plus drive. Being a faithful Muslim man, Ramdani excused himself  to perform Friday prayers while we waited for him in his vehicle. We wished he would have wind the window all the way down instead of quarter down for us to breathe. We then opened the door for more ventilation. Luckily he didn't lock us inside, leaving us to suffocate under the hot sunny Friday. ( I am just kidding )

Free shuttle services :

Driving along the journey exchanging conversations, we soon found out that we were the first ever passengers to enjoy this FREE shuttle transport on this lovely Friday. We were surprised thinking that there must have been many others before us. Ramdani was kind enough to offer us some suggestions on places to eat if we were hungry and asked if we needed to stop for lunch before continuing the journey to our hotel in Senggigi. Talking about counting our blessings, eh ? 

Ramdani says this is considered the Taj Mahal in Lombok - Indonesia

Despite having an eye infection, he drove us safely to our guesthouse. Upon arrival at Sasak Garden, we offered him some money out of goodwill but he refused to accept it. I guess Ramdani really meant it when he offered this free shuttle around Lombok as part of his business plans.

We stayed in touch throughout our stay in Lombok. He was kind with providing information with a quick email reply. Unfortunately, we did not get a chance to meet again since I was tired from car sick syndrome and running out of a budget. 

Other services that are being provided by Arfatourindo Tour Travel Guide 

Besides free Friday transport, other services available are such as  free-charged tour based on certain requirements and conditions, airport or seaport transfer pick up, hotel booking, tours to Gili Kondo, East Lombok, Sasak immersion program, flight, 10 -30% of the benefit will be donated to orphanage students, parentless student in Indonesia - According to Ramdani himself. 

If you happened to be in Lombok on a lovely Friday, do hook up with Ramdani at Arfatourindo Tour Travel Guide  for some surprises. 

Contact : 
Address: Jln. Gajah Mada BTN Griya Permata, Blok H No.2 Sekarbela, Mataram, Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia.

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