Eco Ride - Putrajaya, Malaysia

20th June 2015 - The day I tried out Eco Ride at Dataran Putrajaya, Putrajaya. It is not widely known, or rather not that I know of since I am not aware of such attraction at Putrajaya prior to this. 

"EcoRide is a Green Mobility as means of tourist transportation in Putrajaya. Tourist would be able to rent EcoRide at i-center, Dataran Putrajaya to explore the intelligent Garden City with the affordable price." 

EcoRide at Dataran Putrajaya

EcoRide at Dataran Putrajaya

To drive the Eco Ride, make your way to Putrajaya Information Centre (i-Centre) -  where it is "built to assist tourists while touring around Putrajaya. You can find them at the front of Kompleks Perbadanan Putrajaya Precinct 3, Dataran Putra Precinct 1 and Putrajaya Sentral at Precinct 7".

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Step into the i-centre where you will be asked to fill up a form by producing a valid driving license. The staff at i-centre will make a photocopy of your driving license to keep a record. A receipt will be given to you to produce to another staff waiting by the Eco cars. 

My receipt to produce to the staff before I can drive.

Briefing before my ride

Before you are able to ride in the Eco Ride, a deposit of RM 50 is required if you a Malaysian. RM100 for Tourist - I would assumed it as non-Malaysian since the picture below does not state clearly. Malaysians can be tourists in their own country as well, make sense ?  

Start and finish point would be none other than i-center itself. Once you have finished your ride, you may return to i-center where the staff would time your starting and finishing time to calculate your payment accordingly upon completion.

Example : I would like to ride for only 10 minutes. So according to the picture below, I would only be charged RM 15 for the first 10 minutes since I am a Malaysian: 

Deposit RM 50 + First 10 minutes ride  = RM 50 - RM 15 = RM 35 is what I would be getting at the end of the day.  ( I did not have to further pay RM15 separately as they will deduct it from the deposit that I have made )

There is no further payment required once you have put down your deposit. Unless you plan to ride for more than your deposit amount could cover. 

Riding the EcoRide was a special experience since it is smaller than Kancil. 2 persons are allowed to be in one EcoRide at the same time. The driver would be in the front and passenger would be at the back. There is no air cond, so be sure to have the window down during your ride. 

EcoRide at Putrajaya

It works like an automatic car with accelerator and brake below the steering wheel. Other features are such as viper, indicator, honk, seatbelt, power steering, handbrake and many more that I didn't get the chance to try out since I was busy enjoying my ride under the blazing sun. 

Me riding the EcoRide

Being an adventurous person, I pushed the accelerator to the maximum to see how fast I can go. I could only reach 80km/h ++ within the distance. Some say it could go further than that. Why don't you try it out and let us know ? 

Last but not least, drive safe and buckle up ! 


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