Fig Tree Hill Resort - Penang, Malaysia

It was a privilege to spent 2 days 1 night at Fig Tree Hill Resort, Penang with family members and loved ones. We had a great time surrounded by nature deep in the greenery hill secluded from the busy town. It was worth while though for only a short period of time over a weekend.

If you have read my previous post on 12FLY launch party that I was being invited to participate, this means that you found out what's in the envelope that I was holding. ( referring to the last picture in that post ). I got a lucky draw of 2 days 1 night stay for up to 6 persons in Cempaka Villa with free breakfast at Fig Tree Hill Resort thanks to 12FLY.

With 5 persons in hand including me, we set off from Kuala Lumpur over a 4 hours journey headed towards Fig Tree Hill Resort which is located in Penang. As the resort is secluded and not found on google map or any other maps application, we had to set up a meeting point with Fig Tree Hill Resort to meet at SPICE ARENA for one of their staff members to lead us the way through the hill. 

Since we were not able to make it in time to meet the staff member, we took the chance to use Waze, a navigation app to lead us the way through the narrow path up the hill. Waze was only able to guide us up to a certain point where no satellite signal nor phone signal could no longer be detected. With no clue or signboard along the hill to guide us, we had to rely on our instincts and by asking passers-by. After some trials and errors, we made it to the entrance of Fig Tree Hill Resort. We then found out from the manager the reason why hardly signboards are available is to avoid overcrowded vehicles on high speed driving through the hills. This will cause danger to the local farmers on motorbike or bicycle as all will be sharing the same narrow route.

The Narrow route up the hill to Fig Tree Hill Resort

Cempaka Villa apparently is the biggest and most expensive room in Fig Tree Hill Resort. It comes with 2 bedrooms, huge living hall, karaoke system, Jacuzzi and open rain shower. No cooking allowed as it is to protect the construction of the resort which is made from Fig Tree, obviously. However, BBQ or Steamboat is allowed at the dining area. 

Entrance to Jasmine Villa at Fig Tree Hill Resort

As it is not easy to get all 5 persons to have the same time slot, we had to forgo Cempaka Villa for a smaller but better surroundings for us at Jasmine Villa with the same facilities, except for the Jacuzzi and the huge living hall. I felt a bit sad since the rest were not able to enjoy the Jacuzzi. Thinking back of the time spent, I believed we were too busy staying outdoors than getting ourselves caught up with Jacuzzi. All villas come with air cond.

We were glad and relieved to unload our trunk full of stuff to start exploring the surrounding with the help from the dedicated and strong porter - Sadam Hussein. No, He is not the President of Iraq. But the president of Jasmine Villa. Each villa would have a dedicated all-in-one butler who is in charge of the wellbeing of guests. Sadam Hussein was the guy we seek when we needed some help with anything at any time. He took some time to show us around the facilities and confirm on the BBQ arrangements with us since we had notified Fig Tree Hill Resort on our plan to have BBQ for dinner. 

BBQ pit is being provided to guest. All we had to do was to prepare BBQ net, charcoal, and food on our own. If you are interested in doing Steamboat instead, Fig Tree Hill Resort do provide Steamboat pot. Food ingredient is on your own. Other utensils that were being provided by Fig Tree Hill Resort : plates,cutleries, fire starters, tongs, kebab skewers, knives, tissue papers and other basic necessities. Sadam Hussein would be glad to help you set and start up the fire before letting you go to enjoy the BBQ.

BBQ is almost ready :) I'm hugry already.

I took the chance to relax and unwind in the luxury bedroom in Jasmine Villa overlooking the greenery while the rest were busy hanging out by the dining area setting up for the BBQ dinner. Thank you, guys. :) By the time I woke up, dinner would be ready in a short while. heheheh

Panaromic view  : 2nd Bedroom on the left. Main room in the middle .Living room on the right.

Since none of us were interested in singing our lungs out with the Karaoke machine, we ended up at the chill out area by the Koi fish pond surrounded by frogs calling for the rain throughout the evening. We managed to have a chat with the manager of Fig Tree Hill Resort who was kind enough to stop by and gave us some insights of the place. What a friendly and witty guy he was. Turns out that the Peranakan House in George Town is also one of the businesses under the same company. So do check it out while you're in George Town.

Main room : Luxury room with many pillows, comfortable mattress and nice view !!

I had an amazing night sleeping on the comfortable and soft king size bed with many pillows protecting me from falling off the mattress. I like the fact that they provided bolster since I can't sleep without one.

Breakfast is served by none other than our personal butler, Mr. Sadam Hussein by the Koi fish pond at 9am. We had a good sleep that 9am breakfast was a good timing. We were being served western breakfast as you can see from the pictures below. 

Western Breakfast being served

 Our breakfast plate. 

Cereals were being served too !

We enjoyed the water relaxation therapy by the Koi pond over breakfast to cleanse our body, mind, and soul. We felt calmed and relaxed. As the rain started to pour, thanks for the hard work by the frogs the night before, we gathered our belonging to check out before 12 noon. We left feeling fresh, rejuvenated and ready to start a new day with a stress-free life. 

Our Breakfast place / chill out area by the Koi Pond and water fountain.

Other facilities that are being provided by Fig Tree Hill Resort :

1. Food delivery - inform the staff if you're really hungry. They will go fetch some food for you for RM 20 surcharge per trip down the hill.
**Upon request only.

2. Emergency alert - if you needed to go to the hospital for emergency purpose.

3. Toiletries - Shampoo, shower gel, toilet paper, body lotion ( by Victoria Secret ), face + hand and body towel, tooth brush, toothpaste, shaving kit, in-house slippers.

4. Hot and normal shower.

5. Trekking - on your own.

6. Day tours - please inquire within.

7. Pre - wedding Photoshoot - please inquire within. We saw couples coming in every day throughout our stay for a photoshoot around Fig Tree Hill Resort. This place must be good !

8. Fridge - to store your food stocks or drinks.
- There are 2 if you're staying at Jasmine Villa. One is inside Jasmine Villa - the living room. Another fridge is at the dining area. 

9. Free drinking water - refillable

10. Electric Kettle - if you need hot water

11. Free Tea / Coffee

12. Hair dryer.

13. Free shuttle service to & from airport

14. Swimming pool

15. Gym

16. Spa & Massage

Swimming Pool


Things you need to know :

1. Karaoke session is up to 10pm. Midnight at the max to avoid disturbing another guest in other Villas.

2. Staffs are available 24 - 7 on the site should you need any urgent request.

3. Fig Tree Hill Resort is a gated compound, night trekking or walking is not suggested as it can be dangerous to guests.
- We went out for a walk at night and saw Sadam Hussein was worried as He kept an eye on us. We then turned back and chill out by the Koi pond being entertained by the frogs calling for rain.

4. No cooking allowed, hence you need to bring your own food supply depending on the duration of stay. You may drive out if you have a vehicle or request the staff for a drop - off option.

5. Check in : 2pm. Check out :  12 noon

6. NO WIFI AND Phone signal while here. Yay !!!

Things that can be improved;

1. Have a wash basin at the dining area for easy cleaning / washing. Instead of having to walk to the washroom to clean utensils etc. 

2. Plant more tall trees to battle the heat and also to act as a canopy shade for the villas.

Fig Tree Hill Resort
Jalan Kenari,
Sungai Ara, 
11900 Bayan Lepas,
Tel: +6019-3620270

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Big thank you to 12FLY !!


  1. the food looks delicious. hehehe...

    1. Yes! I finished mine and managed to save more space for the cereals :)

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  3. Can i know what car you drove up with?

    Reason being, i am driving a Starex with 6 people. Im not sure if the road is wide enough for big car.

    1. Hi Adrian, I went with a Waja car. Starex should be fine as the road is not so steep / hilly. The width is like one lane on a normal double lane road that we have in Malaysia. Have a great time !


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