Zoo Negara - Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Zoo Negara recently had a birthday treat for Decemberians for those who are celebrating their birthday in December 2017. So as you can guess, I was born in December and it only made sense that I got myself a FREE ticket for my birthday. The best part was it was inclusive to visit the Panda. Yay! With my family towing along, we made our way to have our day well spend exploring our own national Zoo in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Drive was smooth as there was not much traffic. We made it a point to be there early to avoid the afternoon heat and to get a parking spot off course! Plus, the little one will not be interested to explore during his afternoon nap time, so please plan properly if you're going with family members. Get to know their schedule and you will be sure to have a good time. Everybody happy now? Let's go!

After paying our parking for RM5 if not mistaken ( it was definitely less than RM10 for sure), we made our way to the ticket counter to redeem my FREE ticket. Whereas the rest had to purchase their entry ticket. Free entry for kids below 36 months. Below picture shows you the price you have to pay for entrance.  Also for kids and non-Malaysian rates. Please bring along your personal ID (IC)for verification purposes before you may redeem your FREE ticket. You can only redeem the FREE ticket ON your birthday. NOT during the month of your birthday.

Lonely panda after its cup was sent back to China.

The security did not check our bags upon entry to the Zoo. Count ourselves lucky as we had food to cure hunger pangs. I believe the security at the Zoo Negara would not want to go through a bag of diapers, milk powder, and other stuff. Yay! There are places that you can eat at Zoo Negara. However, we do not fancy it that much as it is either fast food and not healthy choices with a slightly higher price. So own supply is always the best choice! There are however vending machines if you need to have a drink or two. We spotted one at the bear area.

We could not get a map of the Zoo Negara. Simply because we could not find one available. So we just go with the flow and follow the various signs available throughout the walk to guide us around. It turned out to be better than following the map. 

As we have checked the animal show time beforehand, we make sure to explore the spots around the showing area BEFORE making our way to see the animal show at 11.30am. This will save you the hassle of going through a large crowd of people after the show finished if you would like to explore the places nearby as most of them will do. We were so happy to avoid it by doing it earlier. So here goes a tip for you if you want to have some space and at your own pace without being congested into the crowd. Something to bear in mind, the animal show was conducted entirely in the Malay language though.

There is plenty to see at Zoo Negara. I personally like the Lion, Tiger, Safari part and the rabbit. An overall good place to explore as it is huge. Just thought that maybe it is better to have the animals out of the cage and live in the freedom of the wild. We walked the entire place without a stroller or carrier for the little one. However, if you are having it, then please feel free as Zoo Negara is a very stroller and wheelchair friendly place. Go ahead and push those wheels! You have more space to bring in more food with a stroller with you. Now anybody wants Pizza? 


Dear Februarians, you can now celebrate your birthday in Zoo Negara. do grab your FREE ticket now as Zoo Negara is giving it all out, again! This is however for Malaysians only. Enjoy your birthday! 

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