Sekinchan - Why you should go.

Sekinchan is famously known for its vast paddy field and fisherman village located less than 2 hour drive from the heart of Kuala Lumpur. There are many ways to explore Sekinchan. One can either go on a day tour or by getting behind the wheel. As for me, it will be my second time visiting Sekinchan after 2 years. Hailing from Kuala Lumpur with 11 others, we set out on a mission to catch the lovely sights with much excitement to have a break from the hectic life in the city.

Having had Nasi Lemak Ayam ( a typical Malaysian breakfast ) for breakfast, we set out on a journey that was very much anticipated by all. The day began with a gloomy weather, which worsen as we drove towards Sekinchan. Dark clouds with heavy rain and no sun shine best described the drive there. Some took this opportunity to have a power nap while the rest enjoy the ride under the rainy weather with great company.

Upon arrival at Sekinchan, the rain did not deter us from getting off to start our exploration. Food is very much connected to us as Malaysians if you don't already know. We had sea food for lunch before we explore further. The rain kept us company while we slurp our way through the mouth watering dishes at Restoran Bagan Sekinchan, which strategically located close to the jetty by the fisherman village. With many of us in hand, it brought us to less than RM 16 per pax for a lunch of 6 different varieties, including crab and fish and lala.

Just when the rain was being kind to us, we headed off by walking to the fisherman village. In less than 5 minutes, we found ourselves walking along a new environment with full of curiosity. Being witness to the typical life of the locals there, we couldn't help but to start clicking our cameras away to capture the moment of fish being loaded off the fishing boat. Many people drove up well prepared with chiller box to stock up on fresh fish and sea food for business and personal use. I personally did not buy any, but would believe that the price was reasonable since some of them seemed to be coming regularly for supplies.

Next, we drove away heading towards the famously known paddy field situated not far away from the fisherman village. Excited and happy faces were all over us as it was nice to be with nature looking out towards the horizon of green and blue. We stopped to take some pictures and snack up on jack fruit. In case you have forgotten, we LOVE food !!! Our patients paid off as the sky opens up to allow the sun to shine bright. Bringing us the moment we were all waiting for. Clear blue sky with vivid color of the paddy field. We rolled down the car window to enjoy the breeze against our face while driving along the paddy field.

You can choose to stop at the rice gallery, where you can opt for a tour on how it all came about. Easy to spot as it is the biggest building over the flat horizon across the paddy fields. Entrance fee is RM 4 per adult. No fees for child below 2 years old. I did not go for the gallery tour since I prefer to be out spending time under the sun by the paddy field. So much for being a typical kampung ( village ) girl. 

While here, we extended our support towards the local community where we bought some food and fruits for family and friends to share over the journey we've just made. Corn, mango and many other locally grown produce are available to purchase, including rice grain. Surprisingly, it taste better here than the city.

To relax the evening away, we headed over to Redang beach which located further down from fisherman village. You can choose to relax on one of the many hammock or swing yourself joyfully under the tree. If you are feeling hopeful, do make a wish by the wishing tree with red ribbons. Who knows you might just get what you wanted. You'll never know.

We ended the day with another round of sea food for dinner before heading back to the city. Many of us hoping to be back to Sekinchan soon enough to have a break from the busy life. Until then, we will always remember the good and happy times we all shared during this trip. 

My personal expenses throughout the day was less than RM 50. It is due to many of us were present and we get to share cost among us.

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Tips : There are bicycle rentals if you wish to bike around Sekinchan with charges apply.

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  1. I never thought Sekinchan has such beautiful sceneries. Thanks for sharing and highlighting this place. Would drop by one day.

    Come visit my blog

    1. Hi Zaila. Yes, it is beautiful. Hope to hear from your experience there. Your blog is helpful and informative. :)


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