International Driving Permit (IDP) - How To Apply

Travelling abroad for a long period of time may often get us into many interesting adventures that we might never planned for ( if you are more of going the flow, free and easy kind ).

One of the many adventures is to feel the power of being behind the wheel in a foreign land. With that comes into consideration of your travel adventures, it is rather important to have an International Driving Permit (IDP) as a legal document to avoid getting a ticket.

If you are already a driving license holder in Malaysia and wish to drive in foreign countries, then read on to know how to get one done. We certainly do not want to pay a fine and miss out on some bungee jump or skydiving trip with that money in hand.

Below are the steps on how Malaysians can apply for International Driving Permit (IDP) in Malaysia:

1. Go to the nearest Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalanraya ( JPJ ) /  Road Transport Department
- Find one near you:

2. Fill up RTD L1 form

3. Get a number and wait for your turn.

4. Officer in charge would process everything on the spot.

5. You walk out with your International Driving Permit. Yay !!

Compulsory documents to apply International Driving Permit:

1. RTD L1 Form

2. Original domestic driving license that is still valid for one year.
* Original Identity Card.
* Original passport and copies (for non-citizens).

3. Two passport size colour photos ( blue background )

Application Fee for International Driving Permit is MYR 150.00

Validity period: 1 year from date of application

First Page of my International Driving Permit

Front Page of my International Driving Permit

This is how International Driving Permit looks like

Other Information:
1. You may apply International Driving Permit at Automobile Association of Malaysia (AAM) office available nationwide. Application fee for AAM member price: MYR 150.00 Non Member: MYR 180.00

2. Non-Malaysian but still interested in applying for International Driving Permit? You can do so by referring to steps here.

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  1. If someone is planning move to a foreign country in a rental car then he must need an international drivers license. Traveling as a tourist in a country where the language is different from yours, you might face difficulties dealing with local authorities or car rental agencies, as they will not be able to understand the information included in your native driver license.Drivers Permit

    1. Thank you Rumon for the informative add on. Helpful indeed :)

  2. my driving license has expired and im about to apply for an international driving permit will i need to pay penalty? :-(


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