Johor Zoo

I was in Johor recently doing some visiting and decided to be a tourist for a day since I was never into these things on my previous trips there.

Driving along Danga Bay somehow ended up taking a left turn spontaneously to Johor Zoo. It was an extremely hot Saturday afternnoon when I made the trip there. There were cars parked along the road as I approached the Zoo. It is less than a minute drive after a left turn off the main road.

RM 2 is what you need to pay to enter the zoo ( entrance fee ) for both Malaysians and Non-Malaysians if you're an adult. RM 1 would be kids below 13 years old. Once a receipt from the entrance counter was being presented, I proceed to enter the Zoo. Few steps later, I was being stopped by one of the staffs. Apparently all visitors are required to have a photo session with a green cloth as the backdrop, where they will then edit the picture with some Zoo animals as the background of your photo. This will be taken as a souvenir for own use if interested for a certain fee. I did not buy it since it is not necessary for me.

Walking further will then bring you to a lake on the left and few cages on the right with various species of birds. Peacock and parrot are some of the birds you may see. Many of the visitors were mainly local Malaysians who came with family and friends. I supposed there are school trips here too but fortunately didn't see any since it was school break. This allowed more time for me to walk around without worry about over crowded. 

Signs to guide you around the Zoo - Unfortunately only in Malay language

There will be Pelicans walking and possibly flying around freely as you walk. Be careful not to be too close or suffer the consequences of it coming after you. Hahahaha...

There are animals like tiger, camel, chimpanzees, snakes, deer and many more waiting for your visit! Some animals were spotted hiding under the tree for shade, this could be due to the fact that the weather was extremely hot. I felt lazy under this hot and humid weather on a Saturday afternoon. 

Visitors may purchase vegetables for RM 2 per basket to feed the camels. 

Zoo is spacious as not much crowd was spotted. Walking paths are easily accessible with wheelchair and babyprem with the flat surface around the zoo. 

I did not visit the entire Zoo since it was turning into a gloomy weather and soon the rainfall, as expected. Just in time for lunch, I hide out at one of the eateries enjoying noodles and 100 Plus while waiting for the rain to subside before making my way out of the Zoo to end the visit.

Expenses :
Zoo entrance : RM 2
Noodles : RM 6
100 Plus : RM 2

**No Camera fee imposed for Johor Zoo. Feel free to click it away :) 

Facilities available at the Zoo:
1. Toilet / Restroom
2. Eateries - scattered around conveniently for visitors
3. Souvenirs

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