Park Hotel Alexandra, Singapore

Stayed here at the Park Hotel Alexandra, Singapore during Christmas 2015. It was easy to find as it was a mere 10 minutes walking distance from Queenstown MRT station. If you know where Ikea Alexandra is, you should be able to see Park Hotel Alexandra next to it.

The entrance was spacious to welcome guest with an open door. Receptionist was friendly and helpful. Check-in process was not that long as it took us around 10 to 15 minutes. We were being presented with our room key ( swipe card ) before we're off to our room. The staff was being helpful by helping us with our bags to our rooms.

The hallway to our room was rather narrow as there was a housekeeping trolley occupying most of the space. Leaving us with a small narrow space to squeeze ourselves through in order to get to our rooms.

I like the modern and simplicity of the room design. Especially the clear window with a sunset view. Mattress is to die for. I slept like a baby ! 

We put up a sign for housekeeping the next day. The staff not only did a good job of cleaning but also included additional face and bath towels for shower or swimming. They even top up on the toiletries. 

We did not feel like leaving the room to explore Singapore. That's how lazy Park Hotel Alexandra made us be during our holiday while there. 

You may click here for facilities provided by Park Hotel Alexandra, Singapore.

1. You have to place your room key on a panel inside the elevator in order for you to get to your room. Otherwise, the elevator will not move.
- this goes both ways ( in / out / up / down the hotel )
2. You have to place your room key on a panel on the hotel room door in order to unlock your room door.

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