Hai Peng by Sukiyang - Kemaman, Terengganu

A trip down to Kemaman is not complete if you did not stop by Hai Peng Kopitiam. The famous coffee shop or rather known as Kopitiam serves the best breakfast of all time.

Growing up in this small town, I had the privilege to enjoy the oh so tasty breakfast almost every single week. Couldn't come close to any other places I've been. Hai Peng by Sukiyang is managed by the daughter of the original owner. While the very first Hai Peng is still managed by the father ( owner ).

A regular toast and tea or hot chocolate would make me a happy person to start the day off. Not to forget Nasi Dagang with some kuih too.  They serve a good variety of coffee too, though I am not much of a coffee person, I did try drinking a cup and had a headache soon after. I guess it is ok to have a cup since it's Hai Peng Kopitiam we are talking about !

Variety of breakfast selections

Kaya and butter toast bun.

I love the bun toast with coconut jam and butter. Simple and yet so tasty. I can eat this every day and not complain about it. To the extend that I asked my brother who was there to bring some back to KL for me.There's a smile on my face every time I stuff this into my mouth. A happy tummy makes a happy mummy and a happy mummy makes a happy family.

Chinese New Year complimentary snacks

our bill for breakfast :)

If you're in Kemaman, do stop by as they have 2 different Hai Peng by Sukiyang branches around town. One in Taman Chukai Utama, another one at Jalan Sulaiman ( next to Sin Bing Kee restaurant ). The original (the one owned by the father ) Hai Peng is also located at Jalan Sulaiman ( by the traffic lights ).

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