Betong - Thailand

A super weekend gateway to have some fun on the road with my girlfriends ! A long overdue trip that we look forward to.

It was all fun fun fun catching up with the girls over the road trip.

Thanks to Shereena for excellent driving skills, she can drive long hours without falling asleep. Co - Pilot : Ange . While I seated at the back enjoying the luxury of the space.

So our trip started from Kuala Lumpur bound for Betong - Thailand. Overnight at Gerik, located in Perak (Malaysia) which is also situated close to the border of Thailand. So you can imagine how convenient it is to commute back and forth, if you have to. Duration from Gerik to Betong would be around 45 mins - 1 hour.

Image from google map

 The budget for this trip would be RM 300 each.  More than enough since there were 3 of us ready to rock and roll.

Expenses are as below :

Expenses Per pax ( RM ) 
Toll  19.53
Petrol for entire trip 46.83
Breakfast @ Gerik 3.67
Morning break @ Betong 12.17
Tunnel entrance 5.00
Evening snacks 6.67
Massage @ Betong 50.00
Duty free zone 89.00
Breakfast @ mamak, Gerik 5.67
Fruits / Rojak 2.00
Dinner at KL 15.87
Total per pax 256.39

Unless you plan to buy more from the Duty Free Zone, you are pretty much comfortable with just RM 300 in hand.

We started our Saturday - 12th April 2014 with the best signature breakfast you could get in the town of Gerik. Which is Roti Tampal.  You must have heard of Roti Canai, but Roti Tampal ? Honestly, I was glad to try Roti Tampal for the first time in my life in Gerik, since Ange was saying how deeeeeelicious it is. So mouth-watering that you can sit there all morning and order the same Roti Tampal for you breakfast, lunch and dinner. Why not make it for supper as well, eh?

The amazing Roti Tampal
Look a the yoke melting its way - so mouth watering

Roti Tampal is actually an egg on the typical Roti Canai. What so special about this place is that the owner knows how not to throw one cooked egg on the Roti. He actually managed to figure his way out so that the egg literally sticks to the Roti and when you eat it, you can see the yoke is embedded in the Roti instead. Amazing skill !

It is actually a house converted into a restaurant.

The price list in case you need to eat more than 10 Roti Tampal.

With our tummy ready to continue hitting the road, we drove off to the border before we arrive at Betong, Thailand.

In case if you don't know, this trip was all about being lazy, eat, sleep and repeat!

We got 1 month visa

Motobike taxis available if you are crossing on foot. Available just after Duty free shop.

Shereena & Ange all exicted!

 **WARNING : You have to pay RM2 in order to get your passport back with a stamp before you are allowed to enter the border. It is an ILLEGAL act obviously. If you don't pay, you will not get your passport back. All the officers and superiors are all in for extra cash. Be smart on how to trick your way through. I had to pay RM2 to enter Betong since my trick did not work out. The officer hold my passport , she was smart to put it aside and get the next person in line.

However upon exiting Betong heading back to Gerik I managed to trick the officer saying that I left my money in the car. She place my passport on the counter, I grabbed it and walked away. I did not pay RM 2 upon leaving Betong.

You may try the same trick otherwise, please be smart about it.

If you are crossing over by vehicle, there will be another box where you have to put in RM5 to skip the queue and other processes. They did not even check the car grant. They would not even know if you are driving a stolen vehicle.

Good or bad thing, you say?

Shereena, our passport keeper.

Duty free shop to shop till you drop.

Its the week of Songkran - water festival in Thailand

 After the bad impression on the immigration, we finally arrived Betong. First mission was to hunt for the RM1.00 Dim Sum. Too bad so sad, we arrived around 10.30am and it was sold out ! So please make sure to arrive as early as you can to enjoy it. The price of Dim Sum increased to RM 1.40 recently. Nevertheless, we plan to make trip back to try out the Dim Sum.

You can drop by and enjoy the Dim Sum located here at ( sorry, there isn't street names on google map ) : 

Things to do / eat

Sold out Dim Sum.

Waterproof bags for songkran

Shereena ready to play

Clock Tower -  in case you lost your way.
So, no Dim Sum to eat. We head to some place that offers chicken rice and noodles. We were glad that the shop was empty. We got to enjoy the peace and quietness. Until others arrived, that's when we started our observing skills, observing the locals.

Betong Chicken Rice + pork

Noodles soup with everything in it.

Satisfied tummy. Ready to explore the town. We headed first to Piyamit tunnel to see something interesting. Apparently this was where the Malaya communists were. It was chilly in the tunnel with nice breezy wind for us to escape the hot humid weather out there. We managed to explore all the 6 exits and it was worth it.

Do stop by for something different.

Next, we head over to Winter flower garden or better known as botanical garden to all. Free entrance and you may help yourself to click your camera away as there are so many different species of flowers. Attractive colors and shapes.

The weather was really hot and humid. Ange did not bother to come down from the air conditioned car. Me and Shereena happily help ourselves to the colorful garden.

Next up ! Hot spring. No we did not soak ourselves in the hot spring. In case you forgot, it was meant to be a lazy trip, we were so lazy to even change our clothes. Nevertheless, we ended up by the stalls next to the hot spring having snacks, relax and  enjoy being lazy, off course.

 We headed back to Betong town, had our RM 50 for 2 hours of body massage. Helped ourselves to the amazing deserts by the streets and call it a day when sun was about to set.

If you NEVER try the below snacks while in Betong, you are loosing out. BIG TIME !! You may find the snacks below as you walk pass the shop lots within the vicinity of the clock tower. 

. RM 1 = 6 Sweet Potato fried balls

 RM 1 = 6 Banana Fritter with sesame seeds

some hand made sausage

All kinds of Thong Sui

Pork and Chicken Satay

We headed back to Gerik to stay for the day. Staying at Gerik for the night was worth while since it was heavy rain and we needed the much rest after a long tired day in Betong. By 9.30pm, Shereena was in deep sleep and enjoying her lullaby from the sound of  rain drops on the zink roof.

Ange was kind enough to offer us a place to stay where she is based at, doing her research on elephants around Gerik. Her extensive research and working with the aboriginal people has made her go crazy and wild being with elephants in the jungle.

 If you are interested  in knowing how can you contribute and spend some time in the jungle of Gerik alongside wild elephants, do volunteer by having a commitment of minimum 3 weeks (extendable). More information are made available here : . You might want to add them on facebook to get the latest updates :

Do note that you will be in the thick jungle with wild animals, collecting samples in helping the team to do research. Covering in mud, dirt and trekking during the day.  Please do not expect a 5 star hotel treatment as you will find yourself being ridiculous.

This research - Management & Ecology of Malaysian Elephants (MEME) is being conducted under The University of Nottingham - Malaysia Campus

The next day - 13th April 2014

What happened in Gerik was that we then drove up further to Temenggor to have a scenic drive and stop by places of interest as below after having breakfast at a mamak stall near to where we put up the night before :

Belum Resort

Belum Resort

Belum Resort

With some 5-10 minutes of drive from Belum Resort, you will arrive to a jetty where you can have a meal by the lake or just soak up the sun.

We then headed back and stop by waterfall , did not jump in as the rain was catching up on us after a long sunny day. Free entrance, Free parking. But if you want to camp for the day, you need to pay as shown in the picture below.

Lata Kekabu Waterfall

Lata Kekabu Waterfall

You may camp here for rates stated in the picture

Thank you, Sher & Ange once again. It was a good trip. Looking forward to more!

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