New Zealand - Survival & Travel Tips

New Zealand : My personal survival / travel tips to share :

I might have not try other methods of survival and travelling , simply because I did not personally experience it during my travels in New Zealand over the span of 6 months. Yes, 6 months in New Zealand. You heard me right ! I can say that it was never enough time spent in New Zealand.  I love NZ !!!

Below was how I adapted myself in the mindset of staying under budget but living the life at the same time.

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1. There are many FREE things to do around New Zealand !  - happenings around NZ for FREE
- Me and my friend - Vasya attended a Japanese movie screening for free at the University of Auckland.
- Go ahead and meet some passionate people and get inspired ya'll !!!

2. Enjoy savings by getting online vouchers at discounted price for tours/activities / food etc :
- I got my sky diving done through this

Sky diving !

3. Couchsurf to blend with the locals and get tonnes of new crazy amazing friends !
- I managed to work in a farm for a while with the help of my host.

looking happy in the farm - Thanks to my CS host.

4. Buy car / travel gear / everything at cheaper price :
- or visit local mechanic shops / car rental companies / industrial areas for a good bargain on car purchase.
- Car rental companies normally sell off cars that has been used up to a certain mileage that no longer in a good mileage condition to rent anymore. So getting this type of cars are reasonably good and trustworthy. 
- I purchased mine from an industrial area close to Auckland Airport. Close to where I was working - the logistics company.

My NZD $ 1500 cash and carry mobile home for a solo Asian girl like me.

5. Groceries at :
- or any local mini-mart.
- Look-out for certain days on clearance / discounts on groceries.
- Yes, cooking save your pocket from burning! I gain interest in cooking  & started experimenting with food.
- I survived on NZD $ 0.99 worth of can foods  from PaknSave while travelling.

6. Stay at camp sites with stunning landscapes for an affordable daily rates - some are FREE
- you are contributing to the Department of Conservation too, how amazing !
- not all sites are free, choose and plan your trip wisely.
- or park you car at any neighborhood and sleep in for the night = Zero dollar spent !

 a perfect camping site to call it a night

Hiked up the rocks at one of the camp sites by the beach :)

Just another day in paradise

7. EVERY SINGLE town in New Zealand offers FREE booking services for hostel/ backpacker/ travel arrangements / bus tickets / train or rail tickets / car rentals / shower room / WIFI access - EVERYTHING for no commission or service charge.
- Stop by i- Site  if you see one, its worth the chat with them to know the happenings in town :

I site

8. Go to K -Mart for shopping on : clothes / camping utensils / outdoor gears / hiking pants. I fell in love with K-Mart that I got so addicted to it :
- Finally I was able to find the size that fits me perfectly with a very very affordable price.

9. Work at backpackers / hostels in exchange for accommodation:
- read up more about it on my previous post for my personal experience here !

working at The Old Country house, Christchurch

10. Need a real taxable job ? Apply online :

- I landed myself a job at a logistics company after attended several interviews. Do not give up !

Do not forget to claim your tax tho. :)

11. Mobile network
- 2 Degrees offer very affordable prepaid / postpaid to stay connected.
- I survived on NZD $ 19 prepaid usage per month.


- Make the library your best friend, it offers 24 hour FREE WIFI. You may continue browsing with your own device/ laptop even after opening hours. Outside the library, off course.
- PCs are available for public use inside the library with advance booking ( min 1 hour ) required depending on availability during opening hours.

13. Apply International Driving Permit 
- Be safe on the road, guys ! 

There are many other ways on how to stay afloat such as workaway , helpx  etc. For more information and seasonal jobs/ tips , you may click / like this Facebook community page dedicated to NZ working holiday peeps :

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Happy Travel !!


  1. Cool! Really helpful info. I will share this to my friend as she is going there soon.

    1. Hi Su Yi . I hope your friend will have a wonderful time. NZ is such an amazing place to be :) Thank you for sharing

  2. Dear,
    My husband and I plan to visit NZ next year for 2 months and we are both at the age of late forty. Are we still able to get job in the farm or backpacker hostel for exchange of free accomodation? Both of us are perfectly healthy and fit.

    Thank you in advance for your reply.

    1. Hi Geraldine,

      Thank you for your question. It is nice to hear from you.

      I believe age will not be the issue in getting job in the farm as there are many types of farm job available depending on the field (animal farm, wineyard , fruit farm etc ) that you are interested in. I would assume that by now, you should be having an idea on where or which season you will be arriving at NZ.

      As for backpacker hostel, this should not be an issue as well, seeing that you both are perfectly healthy and fit. However, I would suggest you to search and ask / email the respective backpacker hostel in advance to be on the safe side as different backpacker hostel will be having different sets of terms and conditions.

      I hope everything will work out fine for both of you. Good luck and have a great time. I am sure you will. Excited for both of you!!


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  4. I have read your post. That's great information. Thanks for sharing this blog. I did a search and found your blog and glowing review. It's been a big help! Thanx! see more:

    1. Hi Olivia, It was a great experience there in NZ. I am excited to share this with you. Glad that you find this helpful. :)


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