New Zealand - How to apply Working Holiday visa

Ever wondered how to apply for the New Zealand working holiday visa? 

As a Malaysian citizen, this is a quick step by step guide on how to apply.

1. Go to New Zealand Immigration web site:

  •  Read through the instructions / information
  •  Each year, 1150 places are available under this scheme allowing young citizens of Malaysia to stay in New Zealand for up to six months.

Please note, it is stated on the web site that:

To be eligible , You must:

  • have a Malaysian passport that‘s valid for at least three months after your planned departure from New Zealand

  •  be at least 18 and not more than 30 years old

  •  hold a return ticket or sufficient funds to purchase such a ticket

  •  have a minimum of NZ$2,250 available funds to cover your living costs

  •  meet  health and character requirements

For complete requirements, please visit :

2. Sign up / Login if you have an account already:

3. Openings are usually available on the website between December and January each year.

At the time of writing this post, there is no opening as you can see from the screen shot below:

  •  Visit this site around December / Early January to know the exact opening date to apply.
  •  Or you can Like or Follow this group on Facebook "New Zealand Working Holiday 4 Malaysian" to get updates.

4. Once application is open for registration, you are required to fill up an online form with all your personal details ( if you are choosing to apply online. There is another option to apply manually too - I would suggest to apply online)

  •  be sure to have your passport details
  •  be sure to have a credit card to make payment ( some say they were able to use debit card)
Example of questions :  Your Name / Gender / Email Address etc.

5. You will then be taken to the next screen where you need to declare your health condition.

  •  it is like filling up a questionnaire / survey form
  •  It is fairly simple questions with Yes / No answer.
Example of questions : Have you been hospitalized  / Do you suffer from cancer or sickness / Are you pregnant etc.

6. Next screen will be where you fill up your character:

  •  It is fairly simple questions with Yes / No answer.
  •  it is like filling up a questionnaire / survey form
Example of questions : Have you ever been convicted / Faced deportation from New Zealand  etc

7. Last stage of the form would be where you fill up working holiday specific:

 Example of questions : Have you been issued for a New Zealand Working Holiday visa prior to this / Do you have sufficient funds ( NZD $ 2250 )  / Intended date of travel to New Zealand etc

8. Final step is to click submit and make payment through credit card. 

 The last I checked, it was NZD $ 165. Please check the latest update on the price.
  • You may seek help from your friend / family if you do not own a credit card.
  •  proceed with the payment
  •  wait for confirmation of payment
  •  you will receive confirmation of payment via email that you registered with the NZ immigration web site.

9. Wait for email notification stating that you have been granted NZ Working Holiday visa with the validity period ( 6 months from your arrival date to New Zealand )

10. Book your ticket and start packing !

Congratulations !!

**You might want to apply International Driving Permit before you go on an adventure.
For more specific information or example on how it looks like ( with screen shots ) upon applying, do visit:

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