New Zealand - I quit, Yes !

So here I was trying to figure out what I really wanted to do in life. Normal routine 9 to 5 office job, Or to shake things up a lil bit. Oh well, when you are young and free, maybe not that wild anymore, there will be a time where you need a break from everything in your life and concentrate being alone, spending time with your good self. Not you, not them but ME !!

Me at Rangitoto Island, Auckland- New Zealand

Some where in Northland during our ( with Vasya) bicycle ride up north.

So I applied Working Holiday visa for New Zealand and I got it !!! No time wasted, booked my ticket, found a host via couchsurfing and I quit. Yes, I did ! I quit my job after quite a long conversation with my Manager over a few occurrence. He finally accepted my decision and I was set free!

People often ask me what is the big deal of leaving everything behind? Such a daring person to be travelling alone. How could someone do such thing to pack up and just leave ? What about your commitments etc?

Well, I would say that when it is the time, it is the time ! After all, why wait when we still have the energy? If not now, then when?

From Left : My host - Jason ; Jinny - my friend, and I

I have to learn how to spend my freedom and carefree life wisely over the span of 6 months while in New Zealand. No regrets whatsoever. Something that I would recommend you to do at least once in your life. Alone!

Cycling ALONE at Waiheke Island

Cycling ALONE at Waiheke Island

They say it is best to travel with few different types of people in your life:
1. Family
2. Friend (s)
3. Special someone ( Boyfriend / Girlfriend )
4. Sibling (s)
5. Your good self !

What better excuse to enjoy being alone while I have the opportunity. Aye ?

BBQ at my CS host place with crazy CS-er

BBQ at my CS host place with crazy CS-er

Going for Coldplay concert with my little car for a short girl traveling solo.

Auckland Museum

Rangitoto Island

A visit from fellow friend all the way from South Island.

Whangarei Falls - Visiting Jinny

90 mile beach

sand boarding up north - North Island

6 months living under the budget and hoping that money will drop from the sky was something risky to live by. I did not go to trees and hoping to pluck money from it. Nevertheless, it was one of the most amazing things I have ever done in my life -  to live in risk.

Scuba diving in NZ

hiking the pinnacle

Raglan : surfer's paradise.

Hobbiton !

Mount Taranaki

Kiwi Rail, passport to south island

weekend  market under the sun.

Hey you, Just go for it !! It does not have to be a Working Holiday or anything in particular. To travel is to explore, set yourself free, learn and to experience.

 To travel is to LIVE. Now, get your butt out there ! 

Remember to apply International Driving Permit if you plan on driving for an adventure. 

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  1. Awesome!! I love to travel solo! I didn't know that Malaysian can apply for NZ working holiday visa. maybe I should try it since I'm not working right now haha btw, feel free to check our new travel blog, about my 1 week backpacking trip in South Island, NZ at Really appreciated if you provide any feedback/comment. Thank you. I'll continue to read your post about the working holiday visa.

  2. Hi there !

    I love reading your blog. Can't wait for the next post ! Go apply for the visa , you will not regret the best times in your life. :)


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