Sagaing / Amarapura / Inn Wa - Myanmar

Sagaing , Amarapura and Inn Wa. This 3 cities did not seemed to amaze me. Not until my motorcycle guide told me that I could do this within a day. Again, I did not do any research nor preparation in advance on where/ what I can visit in Myanmar.

Motorcycle day tour

Travel books in Hotel helped me a lot in preparing my onward journeys as I travel across the land of Myanmar. Not to forget the reliable WIFI service that got me connected with my loved ones while I was away.

A day tour by motorcycle with driver cost me USD $ 15 to visit these 3 places - Sagaing , Amarapura and Inn Wa. Started at 8am after a roof top breakfast at Shabai Byu Hotel, where I was staying for 2 nights, it ends at sunset around 6pm ( winter season ) .

Sagaing Hill

To start the day, I was required to hike up to the temple at Sagaing Hill. I did not expect this to come as I saw never ending stairs going upwards. Part of being on the road is adaptation. No complaint, I accepted the challenge and started to work my feet up the flight of stairs. It took me around 15 minutes non stop to arrive at the peak, where the temple is. You get whole view of the city here, at this hill.

Not so challenging flight of Stairs ( depending on personal fitness level )

Visibility was not that good due to air pollution. Nevertheless, it was worth the trip to have a bird eye view of the geographical area. On my way down, I detoured and took a 5 minutes hike further to a monastery where you will come to another small pagoda. I then continued to descend only to hear my motorcycle driver telling me that I was ahead of time.

View from Sagaing Hill

Temple at the peak  - Sagaing Hill

Apparently visitors normally spend 3 hours on average for Sagaing Hill. I joke about going up the hill for the second time as I enjoy the stairs more. He then took me to a Hindu temple nearby where I was supposed to fulfill my hours before we head to Inn Wa.

**No entrance fee for Sagaing Hill.

Hindu temple

Hindu Temple

You may opt to visit the largest bell in the world - Mingun Bell located not far from Sagaing Hill too.

Image from Google : Mingun Bell

Inn Wa

Arrived Inn Wa after 15 - 20 minutes of motorcycle ride. Inn Wa is situated just across Irrawaddy and Myitnge river, which means you need to get across by a boat. USD $ 0.80 was what I paid to take me across the river and back (2- way fare).

Boat that take you across the river to Inn Wa

You will be greeted with ladies selling souvenirs. As you walk further, there will be more than 30 horse carts for you to test your bargaining skill. 

Cute little boy heading home

Horse cart is commonly used as a transportation mode in Inn Wa. Normal rate per person is USD $ 3. You may choose to hire your own cart with higher price. I choose to walk as I was running out of money. ( Exercise of the day - done ! )

One of the many horse cart in Inn Wa

With the help of the locals and no map in hand, I relied on my survival instinct to navigate around Inn Wa. I followed where the horse cart goes. Excellent and brilliant idea!

Routine of the locals

I did not visit all sites since I walked instead of using horse cart. Nevertheless, I had a wonderful time exploring local villages, messing with local kids, and peaceful time at the monastery with little monks.

They stopped and smile !! So sweet !

At the monastery.

At the monastery.

At the monastery.


This is where EVERYBODY would probably spend the end of the day waiting patiently for the sun to set. I was surprised and amazed by the wonderful scene of U- Pein bridge against the sun set. Golden sky with monks walking on the bridge will get you the perfect shot regardless if you are into photography or not.

U-Pein Bridge

As you walk along the bridge enjoying the evening, you will come across vendors selling souvenirs, snacks, photograph services to keep you looking for more. You will find souvenirs available such as fridge magnets, paintings, photographs, snacks, arts & crafts and many more which are locally produced.

Sunset at U-Pein Bridge

You may choose to watch the sunset by hiring a boat to the middle of the river to get an uninterrupted view.

Chasing the Sun

Alternatively, you may walk down the bridge and get the perfect view of the sun set.

Friendly Monk

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