Pacific Coast Highway, California

I would not have gotten myself to witnessed the amazing and beautiful Big Sur if it wasn't for the drive along Pacific Coast Highway, also known as State Highway 1. I mean, it is Big Sur ! I realized then it is being listed as the first State Scenic Highway which only means one thing - YOU MUST GO ! With over 130 KM ( 90 miles ) of cruising along the coastline overlooking the amazing Pacific Ocean, one will regret not being there. I am blessed and humbled as it was a privilege to be here !

We were here !!!

According to +Wikipedia  it is said that "The section of Highway 1 running through Big Sur is widely considered as one of the most scenic driving routes in the +United States of America ♥ , if not the world. These breathtaking views were one reason that Big Sur ranked second among all United States destinations in +TripAdvisor's 2008 Travelers' Choice Destination Awards."

Source :  Google Map.

We began the journey  heading towards Big Sur after spending a night at San Simeon, fresh out of hiking from Yosemite National Park. Bidding good bye to the amazing sky full of stars and satellites that blink like diamond left me with a heavy heart. I realized I needed a neck massage from starring too much at the sky while sipping some locally produced wine by the bon fire with the sound of waves crashing by the shore under the beautiful moonlight.This will not be complete without the amazing company of loved ones. It was a beautiful night spending time catching up on each other while covered in the night summer breeze. We even spotted dolphins swimming freely close to shore the morning after. You normally find tours to spot dolphins often than not. But here, it is just natural to witnessed it. Mother nature is so pure and wonderful.

Hello Pacific Ocean - Let's go spot some Dolphins !

We started driving up north towards Monterey to spend the night before continue our journey towards San Francisco the following day. Mind you, driving along 90 miles of coastline is not something you want to rush through as there are countless sights where you would regret not stopping to enjoy mother nature. Roads are hilly and winding with sharp turn at certain point. It is easy to be distracted by the stunning view, please drive carefully.

I see Pacific Ocean !

I see Pacific Ocean !

Some of the interesting points to visit are  Hearst Castle ,  Bixby Creek BridgePoint Sur Lighthouse, McWay Falls and Landels-Hill Big Creek. There are many state parks where you can explore further to experience the Pacific Coastline on a larger surface as you drive along Highway 1. 

State Highway 1 - Driving along.....

State Highway 1 - Driving along.....

Alternately, do spend some time exploring the coast with various cycling and hiking tours made available. More information for lodging, camping, restaurants, gift shops & art galleries in Big Sur here. If you are a person like me, who prefer to explore on my own as oppose to joining a tour, there are many interesting points to visit along Big Sur as you travel on Highway 1. Patient is required as it could be busy and crowded with visitors and tourists at certain major sights during peak season. Warning : Temptation to stop at places of interest is extremely high. I could not stop myself from being curious.

 Doing it your way.

Caution : Landslide is prone in certain parts of the road. Stay alert on the latest news before driving out.

There is no gas station along the highway until you reach Carmel if you are coming from the South. Be prepared to pay a hefty price for it.

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I thank you for having me there. I can not wait to go back to bike through Pacific Coast Highway and do more hike !

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