Body Massage, Senggigi - Lombok, Indonesia

Before we end our trip to Lombok, we opted to have some relaxing time going for a full body massage after all the walking and exploring. Walking along Senggigi, we came across this massage parlor - Orchid Day Spa & Beauty Salon. As they were promoting outside their shops with the price board clearly displaying the prices of each services being offered, we slowly scan through the board to see which came to our appeal. We both opted for a full body massage at Rp 60,000 for 1 hour.

Walking towards the shop looking through the transparent glass, we can clearly see that this shop is full with female customers and employees. Business must be good eh? The ground floor is for customers who wants to get their hair and nails done besides foot massage.

Massage Parlor at Senggigi.

As for us, going for a full body massage required us to go up to the first floor where the entire floor is full of beds seperated with curtains hanging on a bamboo structure. Very cultural feeling.  We then followed the masseurs to our beds, curtains closed and change our attire to a towel before we began the massage. Massage can be done individually or in couple's company as the curtain in between 2 beds can be opted to opened, so couples can see each other while massage is ongoing.

We felt an earth tremor in the middle of our body massage. Apparently it was Mount Rinjani, a volcanic mountain in Lombok that is still active. All were prepared to evacuate the shop, thank God the tremor was a small one. Everybody went back to their usual daily routine. Found out after our trip that a volcanic mountain erupted in Bali, the island next to Lombok a few days after our trip. All mode of transportations was being interrupted. Luckily we did not get trapped.

List of services being offered.

Our full body massage was not super great, but fairly acceptable. I felt that the messeurs were not motivated to work, lack of energy and massage techniques. Probably it was getting late in the evening and they were feeling tired. Could be improved with better practice. I can't complaint nor expect much for the price is Rp 60,000 for one hour of full body massage. Do I feel better after the massage? A little bit.... Do I feel satistied with the massage? No.

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