Public Boat Gili Meno to Bangsal, Lombok - Indonesia

Going back to Bangsal from Gili Meno island is fairly easy as you only need to purchase the boat ticket on the same day, in fact, few hours before you leave Gili Meno island. Departure point is very much dependent on the tide of the day. There are 2 different points to board the boat. Do check with the local ticketing office few hours before departure as 20 minutes of walking is required to get from one point of departure to another using the short cut. Do not use the round-the-island walking route as this will delay your plans further as the route is much longer. Ask the locals if you must.

We bought our tickets for Rp 14,000 per pax for the 3 pm public boat ride back to Bangsal. Waited under a tree overlooking the sea while waiting for the public boat to arrive to count down. Turned out that it was the same public boat that we took from Bangsal to Gili Meno. Since the tide was low, we had to walk across the shore to the boat by stepping on corals again.

The ticketing office where we bought our tickets.

The boat was quite empty with no food stocks this time as it normally comes from mainland to the island instead. I was smart to sit behind where there's open air space to allow ventilation and air to breathe. Unlike my ride from Bangsal to Gili Meno from my previous blog post. Lesson learnt!

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  1. Did you even been in Trawangan? No? You should go there. One day in the hotel in Trawangan cost us five dollars.
    But it is the cheeeapest variant, cuz whe haven't much money unfortunately. Vacation on Gili is the thing that
    you can try if your purse if empty. Everything is pretty cheap. If you wanna go to the Gili you have to order
    a boat. It is the best way to get to the Gili. For example open easygili. com and purchase ticket. Guys will call
    you and took from the hotel to the boat, then u will go to this awesome island. The way takes a little time.

    1. Hi Konstantin,

      Thank you. I'm sure the info will help many others out there who're interested. Cheers!


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