Bangsal - Jetty to Gili Islands, Lombok Indonesia

To those who are getting away from Lombok heading out to Gili Islands may find themselves in Bangsal, as the jetty for all the boats departs from here. There are options to choose from depending on your travel preference and budget. The public boat would be the cheapest and most chosen method of transportation to commute between Bangsal and Gili Islands. If you are not ready to jump on a public boat, you may choose between a private chartered boat and shuttle boat. As for those who has only a day to spare but would not like to miss out on the Gili's, there is island hopping boats for a day trip to satisfy your thirst. 

The entrance to the jetty. 10-15 mins walk before you can see the jetty. 

Official Koperasi Angkutan Laut Karya Bahari office !!!
All you need to do is to buy your tickets directly from the Official Koperasi Angkutan Laut Karya Bahari office. This is located inside the main building near the door at the eastern corner. If you can't find it, just make your way to the toilet inside the building ( where you have to pay INR 2000 if you need to go ), You will not miss the ticket counter that way. 

By the shore, waiting for our boat to arrive. 

Many food stocks to be loaded onto the boat!

Once you have gotten your ticket to ride, you will then need to head over to the shore where you can see many people are waiting as well. We waited for almost an hour for our boat to arrive before we got ourselves to Gili Meno.  

There were many friendly locals trying to chat up with us, including promoting their travels, souvenirs, or simply catching up on daily happenings. One thing I like about them all is that none of them would force us or turn a sour face if we rejected their offer. Something I find respectful of. 

Have a great time !!

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  1. wow great place to go! did you know Indonesia has a lot of beautiful places to visit check here Beautiful Indonesia to see more beautiful Indonesia :)

    1. Hi Nabila,

      Thank you. It is indeed a great place to be. Will check it out. Cheers !!


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