Senggigi - Bangsal, Lombok Indonesia

Travelling from Senggigi to Gili Meno in Lombok requires one to have a valid proof of ride, ie: receipt of purchase if you bought yours via a travel agent. Most of the ferry rides are  done via public boat though other boats are available such as the chartered boat, island hopping boat and shuttle boat.

We bought our tickets from Senggigi - Gili Meno with ferry inclusive from this travel agent in Senggigi. 

We bought our tickets to Gili Meno inclusive of ( public ) boat ride from a travel agent in Senggigi the night before we depart. We paid INR 65,000 per pax for a shuttle to take us from our hotel, Sasak Garden to Bangsal, where the jetty is to Gili islands. The shuttle took us around an hour going through the western coastal route driving through local villages and beautiful stunning beaches with abundant of coconut trees. The bright morning sunshine added to the beauty of the journey, except that I had car sick after some time due to the winding journey. Can't help but to shut my eyes and hope that I do not throw up. Luckily I did not.

Make sure to keep this receipt as your ticket to ride the ferry. Note that the date was written wrongly. It's supposed to be June instead of May

Shuttle van dropped us all at a local eatery while waiting for the public boat to arrive at the jetty. We had pancake and banana milkshake to shake off a headache that I was having from car sick earlier. Many other travellers or I would say backpackers made their way here too. You would be expecting random people coming by your table recommending various tours around Lombok while here.

The shuttle van that picked us up from Sasak Garden to jetty at Bangsal.

We were then being informed to walk further into the jetty to be on standby as the boat was about to arrive. It was not far to walk as it took us around 10 - 15 minutes. You may opt to go on a Cidomo ride as well. We had to further wait for one hour before our boat arrived at the jetty.

The gateway to Jetty

Get your boat tickets here if you opt to purchase it on your own at the Official Koperasi Angkutan Laut Karya Bahari office

If you are planning to get yourself to Bangsal on your own, you may purchase the boat ticket directly from Official Koperasi Angkutan Laut Karya Bahari office. This is located inside the main building near the door at the eastern corner. The Koperasi operates the Public Boat, the Shuttle boat, the Island hopping boat and also Charter boats at different rates.

Read on my next blog for our journey to Gili Meno.

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