Kek Lok Si Temple, Penang - Malaysia

The ever famous place to be in Penang is none other than Kek Lok Si temple. It is a Buddhist temple situated up the hill and can be seen from a distance. It took us about half an hour from Penang town to Kek Lok Si temple via Waze. Please drive safe if you're behind the wheel as the road is narrow filled with traffic. It got busier as we were approaching the temple. The parking spot is available around the area. We paid RM 4 for a whole day parking in the open space.

There are few different entrances to start with. One is from all the stalls that you see selling merchandises. Another entrance is where all the tourist bus stops. We went to the latter. After going up the stairs, I realized both entrances merged here to continue further up and we've skipped some stalls from the first entrance, which is good since the stalls are never ending and there are many more to go as we go up the steps.

Steps are never ending, so do take a break and enjoy the stalls. From souvenirs to drinks, you'll get it there.  It's there for a reason after all.

We walked past the big rock with a poem on it. Not sure what it means tho since I didn't take the time to read it. You know you're almost there when you walk past a tortoise pond and a restaurant that serves vegetarian food.

It was peaceful while walking around the temple as the chanting from the speakers were clearly being played. People were praying and putting on wishes on the wishing tree.

Some managed to skip the cable car ride by driving themselves further up to the big Kuan Yin statue, which I am not sure how to even get there. Otherwise, we would have driven up ourselves. Hence, we opt for the cable car ride and paid for it.

If you're travelling with infant or kid on a stroller, please be mindful that there are many steps involved. You might want to consider a baby carrier or an alternative. I've seen families with strollers and struggling. Don't repeat other people's mistake !

Visiting this temple is free unless you opt for the cable car ride, which you have to pay to get to  the Kuan Yin statue.

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