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Oh Yes ! Bali here I come babeh !

This was back in 2009 when I travelled to Bali, Indonesia to attend a friend's wedding. I was glad that He included me in the guest list because after this trip, I got stung by a travel bug and nothing stopped me ever since to travel on my own or with friends.

It was somewhere in middle of 2009 that I bought my first ever online flight ticket with Air Asia. Got my Indonesia Rupiah changed. All set to go and have fun in Bali.

Took the LCCT Airport shuttle bus from KL Central to LCCT Airport Terminal for RM 8.00. Ran down the bus and rushed through the clearance to check-in. Yes, I almost missed my flight. I arrived around 20 minutes before the flight took off. Pheeeew ! To make things worst, check-in counter was closed. I had to run to another end of the Terminal to only see a long queue of people who were late - like me. Sour face, ignored the line, apologized to everyone in the queue as I hurried to the front of the line. My heart was beating FAST ! I explained to the ladies standing at front of the queue talking to the officer that I was late for my flight and I need to get this done NOW !

The officer at the counter checked my passport against my flight itinerary. Asked if I have any check-in luggage. I said NO happily knowing that I will make it to Bali after avoiding the incident of getting deported the day before. He printed out my boarding pass and hand it over to me. I ran for my life through the custom gate and looked for my boarding gate. Glad to see that there was a line of people queuing up to board the flight. I was not late. Ahh - haa. in fact if I were to be late, I can still catch the flight. Well, lets not play games with air planes. They can be your best enemy at times. Sat in the plane and got to chat with new friends who were seated next to me. We still keep in touch till today. Raise my glass to that !

NOTE : Currency and Price might not be the same at present time.
*Expenses are based on estimation and as far as I can remember.

So here you go - the summary of my trip to get straight to the point:
Day 1

Arrived Denpasar Airport - Bali around 8pm local time ( can't remember the exact time )
Taxi Airport to Kuta - Simpang Inn Hotel ( 1 pax since I was alone ) -  IDR 10,000 - IDR 15,000 ( rough figure )
Triple room at Simpang Inn Hotel - IDR 22,000 for 3 pax / night ( around IDR 7,000 per pax / night)
Dinner - Satay fried rice : VERY delicious local dish. NO fat was found for the satay, unlike the ones in Malaysia where they include the animal fats for satay.
Roll the night away with my friends. Fun times officially started!
One of many surf boards available at Kuta.
 Day 2

My soon to be wedded friend prepared a free ground tour with a van for all of us. Total of 5-6 pax. And we slept through the morning. I was not kidding. Friend gave us a wake up call and yes, we were late. So we decided to take things our way. I guess it was not that bad considering that we had our breakfast at a private roof-top overlooking the streets of Kuta. ( I am trying to be positive here, mind you. )

We then got a taxi to drive us to Uluwatu : You would love the beach regardless if you know how to swim or surf. The ride took us about 1 - 2 hours from Kuta. We got the phone number of the driver and got him to come back at an agreed time. We wouldn't want the driver to ditch us in the middle of no where and lost your way back to Kuta.
*Taxi Cost : less than IDR 100,000 if not mistaken for 3 of us on 2 way journey.

                                                     Top view of Uluwatu Beach.

Had lunch at one of the shops there : All I can remember was it's not expensive at all. I had few bottles of fruit tea. It felt good after the swim from the rough waves and the heat.

Got washed up by the waves - got hit by the rocks to save ourselves.

Arrived at Kuta in the evening. Soaked in the pool a while and its time to get my friend married ! All dressed in white and we were ready to roll. It was a pure and peaceful ceremony followed by an amazing Balinese dinner. Love it! Love it! Love it!

Scrumptious dinner after the wedding ceremony.

The sun was down and the horns were out, partied the night away.
**Note : Most clubs do not have air conditioning. So you will be guaranteed a good workout on the dance floor. No cover charge / entrance fee for foreigners to enter the clubs. They do charge for locals though.  Don't you love being a tourist already?

Ice cream from KFC : No air-conditioning by night

Club scene in Kuta.

Day 3

Woke up and we made it to finally join the wedded couple for a tour around the island. Went to Tanah Lot - Where you can relax and see the waves hit the shore and check out the temple on a huge rock being surrounded the sea. Walk across only during low tide and when it is safe please. Please do not try this on your own. Do not underestimate the power of the waves. It was rough. I didn't do the visit to the temple since it was not advisable.

You may shop for souvenirs here as there are abundant of stalls for you to test your bargaining skills.
We  then head over to Uluwatu to visit the temple instead of the beach this time. You have to dress appropriately. Otherwise they do provide sarong / pario for free to cover up before you enter the temple. I do not remember paying any entrance fees for both Tanah Lot and Uluwatu temple. I hope it stays the same.

The provided pario to visit the temple.

Head back to Kuta and walk around. Many souvenir shops, hotels , massage centres, restaurants. Basically, everything that you need and want are available in Kuta. It is a cool hub on its own.

Had dinner with friends I met in flight to Bali near O-ce-an, Legian. Hung out a while before they flew back to Kuala Lumpur with a friend of mine. (shared the cab to airport).

So it's down to 2 of us back to Kuta.

 Day 4

Rise and shine, had breakfast in Kuta. Checked out from hotel. Hop on to another day of tour with the wedded couple around the island before we flew back to Malaysia.

Went to this place where the driver said to be "Gold Coast" of Bali. Enjoyed the beach and soaked up the sun for one last time before we left to the airport. Sands were getting in to my bikini and the waves were rough that it washed my bikini top out of its position. Well, I was glad that not many noticed. Phew.....what a relief.

Arrived at the airport, killed some hours, shopped some duty free and till I see you again, Bali.

By this time, my sunburn was unbearable that it hurts to wear a bra. Going commando was the only option. So be it as long as I am flying home with a new tan and the memories. Yipeee !!

**Tours around the island was being sponsored by the wedded couple. Hence you don't find the expenses breakdown given here.

Keep on reading to know where will my next destination be.

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