Qatar - UAE

Finally, after the incidents from Abu Dhabi Airport, I arrived at Qatar in the morning around 8.30am local time. Glad to finally arrived and it's time for family.

Arial view seconds before landing in Qatar Airport

Accommodation and meals were all covered since I was living with my family. However personal expenses that I brought from my savings was around USD $ 700 for my 2 months stay in Qatar. Reason why I brought USD was because you get more if you have it changed in Qatar rather than Malaysia. You can then change USD to Qatar Riyal once in Qatar.

               One of the banks in Qatar

Upon arrival at Qatar Airport, I was required to pay less than 100 Qatar Riyal ( RM90 + + ) to get my visa on arrival. I did not have local currency with me in hand. So I had to use my credit card for it. Validity is 1 month period. Immigration clearance was easy as you need to follow standard procedure and fill up your arrival details during your stay in Qatar. I then extended my visa 1 week before expiry for another month for the same cost if not mistaken. Changed my return flight tickets with additional cost of less than RM300 for both airlines. ( Air Asia & Etihad )

Currency exchange : RM100 = 95 QR on average.

Qatar Riyal : Local Currency

So stayed for over 2 months in Qatar having an amazing time with family and kids. How I managed to get 2 months of holiday? Project with my work ended since it moved to the Philippines for good. Company offered me another position but I did not take it since I wanted to do something else. I am glad I took the right path.

                                                 One of the shopping malls - City Centre

 Something for Christmas at the mall.

Inside City Centre Shopping Mall
Managed to get myself a job at one of the international schools in the community as Teaching Assistant. Worked for merely 1.5 weeks from 7am - 1.15pm  , Sundays - Thursdays. ( Weekends - Friday & Saturday ) just like Terengganu, Kelantan and Johor Baru in Malaysia. I got the salary worth more than my flight tickets and all my expenses. In a way, I spent nothing at all for the entire trip. In fact, I had extra to spend for my next trip before I flew home to Malaysia.

My working desk in the class

My class in the International School
So how I got the job? Easy - I printed out my resume before hand in Malaysia, walked around the community and handed in my resume to the receptionist / front desk of the schools, clinics, and every single facility centers. Then I played the waiting game. Days after I received a call to report myself to work. No interview at all. So cool ! I was replacing another Teaching          Assistant who was away during that period of time. Enjoyed every single day with the lovely international kids and very encouraging colleagues from different parts of the world.

It was an awesome trip and traveling alone was not that hard at all after this.

                         Khalifa Stadium in Qatar

Souq centre - its like Central Market in KL.

Souq centre - its like Central Market in KL.

Souq centre - its like Central Market in KL.

Keep reading to know which country I spent the money from my work at school.

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