Why Travel ?

So why do I travel ? Easy - It keeps me alive.

Nothing better than going to a foreign land to be in the unknown and get into all sorts of unpredictable circumstances.

Putting yourself out there not knowing the language, custom, tradition, culture, people etc.

So what other ways to learn if I do not like being in School and get stuck with the voices ? Easy - Get out there and just get lost !

What about you? Why do you travel ?

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  1. Travelling allows me to not only explore places & understand their culture etc, it also helps me understand myself better... it teaches me dat beauty lies in d most simplest things...it teaches me to be more open n less judgemental...n most of all, it teaches me to be grateful n appreciate life better... :)

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  3. explore new things across and understand & exchange the culture between both party. most important its give you a room to understand your self.


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