Deportation - Never again

Deportation - Never again

Who have never heard of Bali !! You are joking. No I am not joking for there are many things I learnt from this trip.

Firstly, I sort of knew or heard of Bali for sure. But top don't-know which or what list it may be. I was not an avid traveller back then. Bali - ok.. lets go. That was all about it when I decided to go. No plans, no idea what was Bali all about.

Oh wait, did I tell you that I was going for my friend's wedding too? Yes, no kidding. I was invited to attend a wedding in Bali ! Wohooo... !! No time wasted, ticket bought and I am counting down days to rush myself to the airport. Since then I am famous among my friends for being the one running down airport check-in counters and shuttle buses. Somehow I was not keen on wasting time waiting for not sure if the flight was going to be on time. Well, as time goes by I started to learn on how to be patient with waiting. Reading a book helps in killing time, or if you cant sit in one spot like I do, it is never a bad idea to walk around the airport. It is not a bad time to see if there is any cute hunk or hot chick ! :p

So me and my friends met in KL Central, changed currency to Indonesian Rupiah.

Back in 2009 the currency exchange was : MYR 300.00 = 1 Million Indonesian Rupiah.

                                 Photo : You wanna be a millionaire? You know where to go.

We then made our way to LCCT to board Air Asia ( the reason why I started to travel due to it's low fares ). All smiles and excited to fly ! Arrived at the airport, walked over to the check in counter. Both of my friends were done with their check-ins. Next up was me. Yay ! You better stamp it right officer. Officer flipping through my passport, left to right , front and back. The officer asked me, was my passport expiring? I told her yes, in few months time.

Officer : Oh miss, you are not allowed to board this flight.

Me       : Why ?

Officer : Your passport validity is less than 6 months.

Me        : Yes, I know that. I am not running away. I have my return flight ticket back to Malaysia.  
               I  do not want to stay forever in Bali ! Why would I do that ? I have a job to return to.

Officer : I am sorry Miss. Even if I allowed you to board the flight, you will have to be quarantined
               when you arrive in Bali and will face deportation. They will not allow you to exit the

Me : ( @#$%&$%@&#^ - what kind of rule is this ) Exchanged facial expressions with my friends   
        who were standing beside me. OK ! Friends, you guys go ahead. I will figure a way out to get to 
        Bali at the soonest.

Friends : How you gonna do that ?

Me : I don't know, but I will see you in Bali.

Officer : You may go to counter XYZ to talk to the officer there about your case.

( went over to another counter and the officer insist on not letting me board the flight - bummer ! )

Friends and I hugged and went separate ways. I walked out of the airport devastated. My first vacation was ruined. Gone out of the window. Took the RM8 airport shuttle back to KL Central and went over to the Air Asia counter and got myself an immediate flight out for the next day. Went home with a vengeance.

So what I did after that day? I woke up the next day - 5am , head out with my backpack to Wangsa Maju immigration office and got my passport renewed. I was destined to go to Bali  and no one will stop me from doing so. Nothing !

Lesson learnt : Always check my passport before I plan for a trip.

**Wanna know what I did and where I went in Bali ? Keep reading.

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