Motorbike Rental - Lombok , Indonesia

Travelling around Lombok is fairly easy as motorbikes are vastly available for rental on a daily / weekly / monthly basis. With the price of the gasoline, it is no doubt the best method of transportation to a self-discovery throughout the island.

We rented a motorbike ( it is actually a scooter, which is much easier to ride ) from a travel agent situated opposite Sasak Garden ( where we stayed ). Ahdat - the person who owns the travel agent, charges INR 50,000 for 24 hours rental inclusive of helmets off course. Gasoline is however on a separate expense. A standard gasoline bottle by the street would cost you INR 10,000 per bottle. It is more of a mixture of Kerosene and water than petrol per se. It is also the main source of income for the locals.

Ahdat would provide you a receipt after payment received.

Per bottle of gasoline would be a good use for more than an hour on a continuous ride around Lombok. This was just a rough estimation since we did not ride for more than few hours continuously. Gasoline would be cheaper and widely available throughout Lombok as oppose to a petrol station, where you would find yourself having to fork out more on petrol.

We rode on INR 10,000 gasoline from Sasak Garden in Senggigi headed north along the coastal line to catch the sunset at Malimbu Hill viewpoint. Duration of the ride was around 20 minutes. Due to the month of Ramadhan where Muslims would go on one full month of fasting, stalls along the journey were closed. I did not get to taste the famous salted BBQ grill fish and corn, unfortunately. There's always next time, anyway.....

The ride was smooth as we rode up and down the winding coastal route. However, caution applies as you going downhill to avoid over speeding to an incoming traffic from the opposite direction.

See you on the road !

If you are riding after sunset / night, be cautious as street lights are not that bright and not available throughout the whole island. As usual, people will honk at you to signify that they trying to overtake, or mainly to show their existence on the road. So do not go thinking that they are being rude at you.

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