My Gili Cottages - Gili Meno, Lombok Indonesia

We booked our stay at My Gili Cottages, Gili Meno via Booking was smooth and easy without us having to pay in advance. Spot on!

Big front yard  - run wild !!

We were being introduced to the owner of My Gili Cottages while in Bangsal waiting for our public boat to arrive. So happened that He was on his way to the island as well. Simple, helpful and easy father of 2. He even offered to carry our backpacks from the boat to shore when we were being docked off shore due to low tide. With him around us all through the journey, getting lost finding our way to My Gili Cottages at Gili Meno was 100% impossible. What's more, he even showed us some short cuts that we can walk through to get access around the island. Amazing guy !

View from the door. That's the connected door to the bathroom / toilet.

I liked how quiet and peaceful the surrounding is. We felt comfortable and relaxed immediately upon entering the room, all excited to explore and relax around the island. Our room was at the end of the corner where we had the big front garden to our view specifically. No neighbours to block our front view upon opening the door.

Interior of the room.

Mattress was comfortable with soft pillows sleeping under a protective mosquito net. Clean toilet with toiletries such as toilet paper and bath towel being provided. It was not necessary to have an air con as the temperature at night dropped, cool enough to keep us in a dreamy land with the powerful fan in the room.

View of toilet / bathroom

The balcony was perfect to sit and relax watching the stars in the skies listening to the waves breaking from a distance by night if you need some little privacy away from the mainstream night out. There's a clothes rack provided as well to dry out all your wet clothes from the beach activities by day at the balcony. It is common to find a tap to wash your legs before you enter the room to avoid all the sands from messing the bed and room.

Wifi is at the strongest around reception / breakfast area if you need it. Otherwise, don't bother as we're on a holiday after all. Pancake, tea or coffee with a platter of fruits was what I have chosen for my breakfast inclusive of stay in My Gili Cottages.

A unique stay with a touch of Gili Meno to add to another day in our paradise.

Contact My Gili Cottages :

Address:Gili Meno, Lombok
Phone:+62 878 611 473 03
Price : INR 250,000 per night inclusive tax, breakfast & service charge ( for the room I stayed in )

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