Public Boat : Bangsal to Gili Meno, Lombok - Indonesia

We got our tickets to Gili Meno inclusive of shuttle ride from our hotel from a travel agent in Senggigi, hence we would not be required to purchase one at the jetty separately. We have chosen to go on a public boat to Gili Meno since it makes more sense to our pockets. Mind you public boat is not for the faint-hearted. Life jacket seems not a compulsory, no safety guide to be followed, crampy and crowded full with food stocks to be transported to the island with many locals on board. Few vomited due to sea sick, many were sweating with the hot and humid weather. I am not talking bad about the transportation, but would just like to get yourself prepared mentally beforehand.

Can't help but smile though sweat is running down my face & neck :) 

Fully loaded boat ready to load more stuff. I'm not kidding :) 

If you're seated at the front part of the boat, just like I did ( silly me ) where ventilation is almost zero, good luck to you on getting some air to breathe. I had to keep myself calm and meditate by using breathing techniques. Best is to be at the back part of the boat where it's open air and fully ventilated. No drama whatsoever. Remember the saying, save the best for the last? Do yourself a favor by getting on the boat as the few remaining ones and enjoy the breeze throughout the journey.

Locals waiting for the boat arrival to load up.

Find yourself some space if you must :) 

The best part of being on a public boat was off course we got to see how things were being done locally. Many vendors were loading up their food stocks, big baskets by baskets onto the boat to be transported to the island for business and personal purpose. It got fully loaded that the passengers had to squeeze through and hold onto their legs as they seat, as there were not much room left to be comfortable. Some lifted their legs and spread on the baskets. Families and children were all on board for this one hour boat ride to Gili Meno. You have the liberty to choose how you want to feel at this moment of time. It was definitely a true experience I have never experienced before. Worth all the while. Laugh it off if you must!

Speaking of mother nature, approaching Gili Meno was something intense as it is much dependent on current weather, waves, tides and winds. As it was low tide, we were being docked away from shore and required to carry our backpacks by walking towards the shore to safely touch our feet at Gili Meno island. To those who are travelling using trolley luggage, well some effort are required to carry it all the way by foot. Pack light and travel light if you must.

Low tide forces the boat to dock away from shore.

All passengers on board required walking their way to shore.

All passengers on board required walking their way to shore.

Unfortunately, with the abundant of beautiful and healthy corals were being stepped by us in order to get to shore safely. Many corals were dead due to this walking activities during low tide. Sad but true. Nevertheless, Gili Meno promises you a something more worthwhile.

Now get on the boat already!

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  1. Found out on your blog by coincidence while blog hopping! Haven't been to Lombok before but definitely it's in my travel wishlist! Who gonna miss Lombok anyway!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Zaraab. Lombok is amazing and beautiful. Hopefully you get the chance to go and share your experience with us :) You can read my other blog post to help you out...


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