Yaya Warung, Gili Meno - Lombok, Indonesia

When you're at Gili Meno and looking for a place to eat without all the touristy overrated price and food that taste normal, do not forget that somewhere on the island, there is a place where you can expect to find delicious food cooked by the locals, for locals with local prices on the menu. 

You can never go wrong at Yaya Warung in Gili Meno. I am not kidding as we returned here to eat despite the distance for a well-deserved food and the amazing view with some peace in mind knowing that we will not be breaking the bank.

We decided not to return to the other restaurant that we previously ate as they not only overcharged us, but also serves not so delicious food. At least to our taste bud. I am all in for Yaya Warung from the first time we stepped in. 

Fantastic view with an uninterrupted breeze listening to the waves breaking sound under a hut. 

We ordered this and few rounds of coconut shake. All in less than Rp 127,000 !

Go to Yaya Warung for a peace of mind and a satisfied tummy !

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